You don't need to take our word for how large an impact the NOW Program has had on Northern Ontario women led businesses since starting up in the fall of 2019. 


Because our client testimonials do that for us :)   

Client Testimonials

The NOW Program was a valuable resource to access and has helped us begin exploring the development of a new product or service in our community that stands to benefit not only our business but create jobs for others and boost our local economy. The NOW Program created an opportunity for our business to grow, and the consultant we hired also gained valuable hands-on experience through the process that will help her continue to grow her business and better serve her clients. As a new business, the timing of the grant gave us a terrific head start into generating cash flow sooner than we would have been able to without the grant. The process itself was simple, easy to understand, and staff were readily available to answer questions in a timely manner. We applaud the Government of Canada and FedNor for recognizing the value and potential of Northern Ontario Women and hope the program will continue.

Musically yours,


In Session

Schumacher, Ontario

The NOW Program has made all the difference in improving our marketing efforts at The Colour Farm. With the financial help of the NOW Program we were able to access the collective marketing genius of the Buzz Masters, a service we would not have been able to afford at this stage in our growth. The marketing plan we're currently crafting with the team is creating a strong foundation on which to build our business. Our identity has became so much clearer, our marketing goals larger, and innovative technology we never would have dreamed of using, is now within our reach. With the help of the NOW Prrogram, we were able to prioritize putting ourselves out there to grow the business, get out of our comfort zone a little and work with professionals to create a unique, strong, true to us marketing plan. We are so grateful for the financial support of the NOW Program and assistance of Community Futures to investing in our women owned and operated, small farm business. 

Thanks so much, 

Becky + Michelle

The Colour Farm

Astorville, Ontario

Applying for the NOW Program was a great experience from start to finish. I was expertly guided through the entire process and really made to feel set up to win. Getting the call to hear that I was a successful recipient was such a huge weight off my shoulders. It was so encouraging to know that someone/an organization believed in me and my project enough to support it. Now, with the funding, I can move forward to start really actualizing my dream. 



North Bay, Ontario

During a pivotal time in my business’ growth, I applied for a NOW grant to assist with accounting services. Being successful applicant allowed me to learn about my business’ financial health through report and process development. Streamlining these processes allowed me to focus more on my customers and less on the accounting aspects of my business.The application process was simple and easy to follow. I encourage any businesswoman who requires assistance with services to apply.  


On The Bit Tack & Apparel

Bonfield, Ontario

I was awarded the NOW grant for business expansion plans. I was so grateful for this opportunity to accelerate growth much more quickly than I would have been able to do otherwise. If you're a woman in business in Northern Ontario, you have the ability to positively impact your community and the NOW grant can help you to fulfill your potential.

Dr. Tara

Tara Guzzo Naturopathic Professional Corporation

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I am grateful for the funding received through the NOW Program. It enabled my business to expand to include an online presence through the development of my website. It has allowed me to utilize tools such as online appointment booking and an online hearing screener to bring patients to my clinic. Without the financial support this would have been a project that was put on the back burner. Thank you toThe NOW Education Course Reimbursement Program provided me with the opportunity to further my Tea Sommelier certification designation. I completed the Tea Science and Health Masterclass where I acquired in-depth knowledge of tea chemistry and gained fascinating insights into what the Camellia Sinensis plant can (and can’t) do for your mind and body. Thank you NOW for the opportunity to further my professional development with this much needed funding program. 


Tea Horse Ltd.

Thunder Bay, Ontario the NOW Program for supporting women in business. 

With the support of NOW I was able to begin marketing and sharing my knowledge and expertise within the community. As a new business owner in Ontario, building a business requires a lot of focus, time and of course finances. With your support I was able to acquire the assistance of other local professionals who were able to help create marketing material, allowing me to educate the community about child development and learning.In receiving the NOW Program grant, my financial load has been lightened, allowing me to focus on the most important aspect of my business, helping children with learning and development challenges.With your help I was able to focus on what I do best, helping children thrive. Thank you for your support! 


Kara Paat Inc.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I am grateful for the funding received through the NOW Program. It enabled my business to expand to include an online presence through the development of my website. It has allowed me to utilize tools such as online appointment booking and an online hearing screener to bring patients to my clinic. Without the financial support this would have been a project that was put on the back burner. Thank you to the NOW Program for supporting women in business. 


McCormick Audiology Prof Corp/Frequency Hearing Centre

Fort Francis, Ontario

With the financial assistance provided by the NOW Program, we were able to work with Launch & Prosper, a business coaching and consulting firm that offers a Sales Strategy program. With Launch & Prosper's guidance, we were able to develop sales strategies and tactics needed to target potential customers and increase sales for Muskoka Swim. 


Muskoka Swim

Novar, Ontario

The Northern Ontario Women Program helped me start up my private practice as a psychotherapist, in North Eastern Ontario. My maternity leave was coming to an end and I felt overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to start when it came to advertising my services. This grant gave me the opportunity to hire a professional to get me started, along with some support with certain social media platforms. Because of this, people now know where to find me and search for the services I can provide in our small northern community, whether it be online or in person

Thank you again for this opportunity.


Zwolak Counselling and Psychotherapy

Swastika, Ontario

The NOW financial assistance was used to hire a local company (Traduction Accent Translation) to provide professional translation of my website from English to French. The translation was done and I was given an electronic copy of the website content. I’m learning the skills required to update the website and add a second language. Working with the translator and developing the document had additional benefits that I hadn’t realized before.

The initial project was to serve our Francophone community in the written form, however, a benefit that I did not expect was that having the website content translated to French gave me the tools to serve in BOTH languages in person. The Northern Ontario Handmade Market is attended by many people from Timmins and our surrounding communities, many clients having French as their primary language.

Thank you so much to NOW for this opportunity, the translation of my offerings allowed me to serve with comfort and confidence in English and in French, which was very important to me!

I am so grateful, THANK YOU!!


Boreal Bluesio

Timmins, Ontario

In 2021, KMcommunication was in its infancy. Thanks to the NOW Education Reimbursement Program, I was able to complete the Public Relations Consultant Course online. What an incredible opportunity it was for me to be able to learn from experts in the field. Some of the more important lessons included how to carry out public relations projects, how to start your own public relations business and get clients, how to use social media to your advantage, and everything you need to know to succeed.

The results speak for themselves. After completing the course, I revamped my Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Outreach Strategy. When I had completed the course, I was given the opportunity to become a lifelong Member of the International Association of Professional Business Consultants, of which I remain a Member today. Once I had updated and started implementing my new game plan, I started getting calls and emails from potential clients. 2022 surpassed my wildest dreams – I was so busy I had to hire staff! Things are not slowing down in 2023 so far either.

I firmly believe that the skills and tactics I learned from this course contributed greatly to my success. I truly hope that these educational opportunities will continue through NOW so that more Northern Ontario women entrepreneurs can benefit like I did.



Val Caron, Ontario

The NOW Program provided funding for me to further my education on Infection Control and Prevention during the Covid pandemic. It was great to be able to update and reinforce my knowledge at a time when my patients were especially relying on me to keep them safe and treat them during that uncertain period. The course I took provided the most current practices to prevent the spread of the virus and keep myself and my patients as safe as possible.


Gorham Denture Clinic

Sundridge, Ontario

I received the Education Course Reimbursement from the NOW program to take an Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care course. I took this course so that I could start my own foot care business in the community after I had retired. As I was just starting out and needed to purchase sterilizing equipment and many other supplies and pieces of equipment to do the job, this assistance was very beneficial in offsetting the start-up costs. The reimbursement completely covered the cost of the education piece and therefore, I was able to get the business rolling faster by acquiring the other necessary supplies and equipment quicker rather than budgeting it out over a few months.  

I feel the Education Course Reimbursement program gives women in business the chance to pursue opportunities they may not otherwise have been able to do and helps give them the confidence to move forward to reach their goals. People often put off pursuing their goals for many reasons, one being because of finances. Formal education is important in lifelong learning. I am happy that the NOW program recognizes that and is able to assist women of all ages to continue to learn and grow intellectually and become members of the business community.


Roulx Foot Care

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

The NOW program assistance allowed me to open and expand my business. As a brand new business owner it really helped to get my feet on the ground and run with my dream. It allowed me to explore avenues such as business coaching and marketing that would not have been available to me otherwise. I was able to establish a brand from the ground up with the financial support I received and build confidence in owning and running a new business. I was very grateful for the opportunities it provided me with as a woman in business.  


Dr. Trisha Hewitt

Worthington, Ontario

Thanks to the NOW program, Age BIG was able to develop a new service of quiz design and delivery for older adult communities offered in-person and on-line. Quizzes are a terrific way to have fun, practice life-long learning strategies and sharpen the BIG brain while being supported by a community of friends. Thanks to the NOW funding more people know about Age BIG and the Bold, Inquisitive and Grateful way we approach aging through innovative and creative programming. Thank you again for recognizing the efforts of a small, home-based, woman-led business geared to producing BIG results for older adults in our communities.   



Thunder Bay, Ontario

The NOW funding support has impacted Away We Go Trips in a deep and direct way, helping us expand our access to marketing support that we never could have reached without this program. We were able to work with a media team that coached our staff in creating a strategy and then helped us collect and create the content required to implement the strategy moving forward. As a very small business with a mandate to help travellers access Muskoka's fun and flavour, this funding will trickle to so many other businesses as travellers using our local surprise road trip routes show up at their doors ready to interact with the amazing locally owned shops and cultural experiences available throughout this region. 


Away We Go Trips

Gravenhurst, Ontario

The NOW program was the first grant I received for my business. When I received my acceptance email, it was honstly the moment I felt validated for my idea and plans to launch a startup business in Ontario! The grant allowed me to get my website launched and receive important coaching throughout my launch phase (while supporting other women in business too)! The whole process from answering preliminary questions, the application, acceptance, and then ensuring my project suppliers received funding was really uncomplicated and effective. I love how this program was geared for women as we statistically have less funding options. Thanks to the NOW team and your support for our community of women entrepreneurs


Mosswood Adventures and Rentals

Kenora, Ontario

The NOW financial assistance grant has been a financial significant help with the start up of Respite Nurses Agency (RNA). The funds were used as intended to develop all our medical and non-medical policy and procedures to start the operations of RNA, and I am pleased to say we were able to grow and offer much needed services to our families and caregivers in need of help. RNA has a Goal to expand their services and business model to more communities in Northeastern Ontario. 

Ashlee & Sylvie

Respite Nurses Agency 

Dowling, Ontario

The NOW education course reimbursement program was beneficial to the opening of my kinesiology business. I was able to take a business course geared specifically towards Kinesiologists and learn from and collaborate with other business providers. This assisted me with marketing strategies in my line of business, logistics with regards to billing, invoicing, charting and working with clients. The NOW program is a wonderful opportunity for current and new businesses to expand or progress their offerings.


Deanna Lavigne Kinesiology

Huntsville, Ontario

It was a true blessing to receive support from Northern Ontario Women (NOW) to incorporate my business. As a new business owner I was unsure of how to pay for something so important. NOW has allowed me to change the way I operate. I am more comfortable in my day-to-day operations and also more protected. I wouldn't have been able to do this as quickly if it wasn't for the support from NOW. Women for Women!!


Jenny Pert-Wesley

Thunder Bay, Ontario

As a young female with a dream of starting a business in a Northern Ontario Community, this financial assistance is the only way that I was able to fully explore branding and marketing to the extent of which that I needed to in the type of community that I live in (not all residents having access to internet or social media, all age demographics, many seasonal residents etc.). The Almaguin Highlands region is made up of so many small communities that all have growing high demand for more services in the health, wellness & fitness field. This funding has been vital in allowing me to reach my goals and start down the path to a dream that I can now see as reality. I am so grateful to the NOW Program for having faith in me and my new flourishing business.

JL Wellness
Burks Falls, Ontario

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